Folding Sports Bottle £3.49

Folding Sports Bottle

Folding Sports Bottle, £3.49

Keep hydrated on the go, with the Eco-friendly, folding water bottle.

Constructed from 3 layers of nylon and PE, the water bottle is strong, leak-proof and lightweight.

  • 400- 500ml capacity
  • Ideal for taking to the gym, trips or travel away from home
  • Stands upright when full, folds when empty.
  • reusable, freezable, washable, attachable, identifiable (White strip)

Attach the bottle to your belt, purse or backpack, with the included carabiner clip.


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Folding Sports Bottle

Folding Sports Bottle, £3.49

Reusable, washable, folding bottle with 400- 500ml capacity

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