Phone Charger Juicebank 2200 £9.95

Phone Charger Juicebank 2200

Phone Charger Juicebank 2200, £9.95

Featuring a 2200 mAh Samsung intelligent lithium-ion battery, enjoy on-the-go power for your mobile phones, tablets and other electrical accessories.

Once full charged, the JuiceBank can provide enough power to recharge:

  • 150% full charge of iPhone 5
  • 100% full charge of Samsung Galaxy
  • 50% full charge of iPad Mini

A visual LED indicates the charging status and remaining battery life. Unlike cheaper alternatives, this unit features internal protection against overcharges, overheating and short circuits. Don't risk burning out your electronic devices with cheap copies.

Manufactured by Summit Specialist Outdoor Gear, to CE approved standard.

The JuiceBank weighs in at just 65g, in compact rubberised body measuring 95mm x 24mm x 24mm. Input: 5V/500mA, Output: 5V/750mA


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Phone Charger Juicebank 2200

Phone Charger Juicebank 2200, £9.95

Portable 2200mAh power bank for your electical devices.

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