TSA Combination Padlock £6.95

TSA Combination Padlock

TSA Combination Padlock, £6.95

Travelling to the USA? You're going to need a TSA padlock!

When entering or leaving the USA, unless you have a TSA (Transport Security Administration) approved locked, baggage screeners have the authority to cut locks open, should they need to inspect the contents of your luggage

Unfortunately, once cut open, your baggage could remain unsecured and left open to theft of your belongings.

Cast from a zinc alloy, the padlock features a 3 digit combination locking system, which can be set and reset to your own personal code

  • Compact padlock for most zippered locks
  • TSA lock type 007
  • 4 Assorted colours

TSA screeners have special tools which allow them to open the lock, without damaging it and re-lock it after inspection.


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TSA Combination Padlock

TSA Combination Padlock, £6.95

TSA approved 3-digit zinc alloy combination padlock

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