Vacuum Clothes Bag £3.95

Vacuum Clothes Bag

Vacuum Clothes Bag, £3.95

Squeeze a few more clothes into your suitcase, with the hand-pressed vacuum travel bags.

Reducing the volume of packed clothes by up to 75%, these vacuum bags are perfect when packing space is at a premium.

Simply pop your dry clothes into the bag and start rolling the bag towards the vacuum seals, squeezing excess air out.

  • Jasmin scented fragrance
  • Compress by hand - no vacuum required
  • Reusable, ideal for travel
  • 2 Vacuum bags per pack - 38 x 54cm

Why not save wardrobe space by compressing and storing out of season clothes? Protects against dirt, insects, moisture and odour


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Vacuum Clothes Bag

Vacuum Clothes Bag, £3.95

2 hand-pressed vacuum travel bags per pack

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