Waterproof Pouch Set £5.45

Waterproof Pouch Set

Waterproof Pouch Set, £5.45

Unless you're sporting a snazzy new waterproof mobile phone, you'll find that gadgets generally work best when they're not water-logged. You lucky travellers! You'll get 3 pouches in this set, in sizes small, medium and large, allowing you to protect your wallets, mobile phones, cameras and other valuables.

Constructed from durable vinyl, the seams of each pouch are welded, ensuring that water cannot get in.

  • Small 18 x 13cm
  • Medium 25 x 18cm
  • Large 33 x 27cm

Whilst it's obviously useful in the rain, you could even use the pouch as a make-shift wallet whilst wading along the beach-front.


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Waterproof Pouch Set

Waterproof Pouch Set, £5.45

A set of 3 durable vinyl waterproof pouches

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